Shawn "Fingers" Moran, bassist for instrumental progressive rock band Set Phasers To Prog!

Shawn “Fingers” Moran

Born in Montreal in 1978, Shawn “Fingers” Moran was raised on the music of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Police, Black Sabbath, The Tea Party, and Sound Garden. He picked up his first bass when he was 14 years old but initially struggled; once he swapped his right-handed bass for a left-handed one, life became much easier and he hasn’t looked back since!

Although playing bass is his passion, Shawn has also played the role of drummer and classical guitarist in various bands over the years. His comprehensive approach to playing music has helped to develop his unique style of slapping, tapping, and flamenco-like strumming.

Shawn moved across the country to Vancouver in 2003 to explore the west coast’s legendary music scene. Bands like Oxygen, Naked for Jesus, Iroc, and Black Betty provided ample opportunity for Shawn to meet and play with many of Vancouver’s talented local musicians.

In 2006 Shawn decided to focus on his solo project, Fingersmoran. Heavily influenced by Les Claypool, Rush, Tool, Dream Theater, Yes, Alestorm, King Crimson etc., Fingersmoran’s unique sound is a blend of progressive heavy rock and funk. Released in April 2010, “Riot” is Fingersmoran’s first full-length album.

Shawn is excited to be a part of Set Phasers to Prog!. Playing with other technically-minded musicians forces him to stretch his musical boundaries, and become a better bass player.


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