Matt "Brokenstr1ngs" Smith, guitarist in instrumental prog-rock band Set Phasers To Prog!

Matt “Brokenstr1ngs” Smith

A passionate and talented guitar player since an early age, Matt Smith blends speed, technique, emotion and an intuitive sense of musicality into his playing.

From 1998-2005, Matt founded and played with Electric Blues Euphoria, a high-energy blues/funk/rock band that opened for the Matthew Good Band, Todd Kerns (of ‘Age Of Electric’), acoustic virtuoso Don Alder, Vancouver CFOX Seeds winners The Solution, and many others.

In 2012, he began searching for like-minded musicians to perform progressive rock material — and thus, ‘Set Phasers to Prog!’ was born. In Set Phasers To Prog!, Matt aims to explore new musical possibilities by incorporating elements of prog, rock, metal, fusion, funk and electronica in both traditional and odd-time signatures.

Over the years, Matt has released several self-titled instrumental guitar demos including ‘Staggering’ (2004), ‘Red Light District’ (2004), ‘Martian Funk’ (2006) and ‘Dismantle and Deliver’ (2011). His demos and playing earned him a spotlight on Guitar Nine, an e-zine focused on guitar-based music.

Matt also runs the guitar-focused Brokenstr1ngs YouTube channel, and enjoys taking lessons from world-renowned guitarist Dave Martone in an endless effort to improve his craft.


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